29 January, 2009

He's coming home

I can't believe that the month is almost over, yeah! We will be picking Richard up on Sunday at the airport a little later than originally planned. They are having some type of graduation ceremony and are requiring that everyone stay until at least noon. So that will put him in about 5 hours later.

I can't wait to see him, he should be able to be home for the week, since he has drill at the end of the week and is also going to make up January's drill. But then the following week we will send him back to really work and it will probably be the end of the month before he's home again. Bummer.

We have been cleaning and decluttering a bunch, but wow do we have a LOOOONG way to go. And I have come to the conclusion that not a single male member of this family needs clothing. My goodness I could open a store. But instead I am planning on a .50 cent yard sale, I will sell everything for that .50 cents. I think that I should make a good bit of money.

I really would love to go to IKEA when we take him back to Atlanta, but I have a feeling that it will just be me and the children. But hey if I can bring home something to help get us on an organized track the yahooo.

I just can't wait till Sunday!

14 January, 2009

Army life

Burrrrr, it is cold here tonight, I can't imagine what it must be like in Boston. He says that his room is comfortable when he goes to bed but by morning it is really cold. Old buildings and heating systems, when he first got there and a bad storm was supposed to go through he was telling me that there are generators but they will only last for about an hour and there wasn't really any emergency food or even extra water. Lovely to hear this about an Army instillation, but what it really is, is a training place for the Reserves and National Guard. So most of it has been decommissioned from what it used to be.

So, Richard is up in Boston, getting training in a new MOS, so that he can possible go to the big sand box later this year. But that may not happen, or perhaps it will, just not with his unit. So much of military life is up in the air. As soon as he knows more, I will be able to adjust accordingly.

I can say that I don't really think that I was looking forward to this deployment in the least. I have gotten used to being able to talk to him when ever I wanted to during the day, and apparently so had Rachel. She was so moppy at the beinning of the week that I thought it was because we didn't get to talk to him. But I now no it is also because she has a bad cold and a double ear infection, poor baby. Worse part is I think that two more are coming down with it as well. But now this having to wait and see or if they will even give him and answer is frustrating.

The crazy part is I am willing to deal with this type of stuff on a much more regular basis if it would give us more family time together. I would love to see him go Active Army, because we might be able to see each other everyday. But it could also mean that he would deploy again right away and we wouldn't see him for a year or more. I am in constant prayer over what He would have us do. I do worry that the boys know their Dad, Thomas will be 12 this year and before long he will be done with his schooling and off doing what the Lord would have him. Then Aric and Noah just as soon as they can say I have done what you requested.

Well, my sister just found out today that they will be going to Germany!!!! She is excited and very nervous to say the least, the last time she was over there she was like 6. She has so much to do and a little over a month to get it all done in. I am not sure if Nick knew or if she was the one to tell him, the SGT's at AIT have been telling everyone to keep checking their email to see, but they wouldn't be saying anything, until they actually had orders to give them. So because of that she found out first thing this morning.

We are praying that they will get to travel as a family but I am just not really seeing that happening. But I know that she will manage traveling with her two children, and what they need to take with them.

Oh how I wish that I could afford to take all of the children to see Aunt Sara while she is over in Germany. I miss it over there. What I remember of it, it is so different than here in the US. Well I should say that it is from where I am from back in FL. Around here it is probably a lot like Germany, except we are spread out so much more.

When we were over we lived on the economy, which means that we lived in a German town with mostly German neighbors, there were a few other Americans in our town and some of the other villages. But it is just so different over there. A much more laid back pace of life, yes they work hard and get things done. But they also value family and that time together. Most often you have two generations living in one house.

Mom and Dad have already said that they will come and visit her, which is wonderful, because I know that they both miss it over there also. Seems like this year would be a great time to go with or without that fact of Sara being there as they will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Wow I can't believe that they have been married that long, well actually both sets of my parents will celebrate their 25th, Mom & Dad got married in June, and Dad and Nancy got married in Nov. I think that I am getting old.

But what a great gift that would be to go back over there, they will probably go in winter. That way there won't be as much going on with the farm as in the spring or summer.

Praying all the way round tonight/this morning that the Lord's will be done for all of our families. That He is the soverign strength that each of us need to look to when we are in doubt. God Bless.

10 January, 2009

The things we do for our parents.

Here we are, the whole family together.
I really do have a husband! LOL!!!

Just in case anyone was wondering. The shirts for all of my guys-including the big one, and Rachel's dress were from my Mom.

She gave all the guys, and grandchildren(she currently has 12) shirts for Christmas, but left all of the girls out?

What was that all about Mom? I need to ask her.

Oh well there were several cameras being used at once so that is why it looks like we are all looking off in different directions, cause we were.

From top Me, Rachel, Richard
Front Thomas, Caleb, Aric, Jadon, Noah, and Matthew.

My beautiful family. I am going to try and get an indoor shot once Richard gets back in a few weeks. I would love to get some taken at Walmart but anything will do for now.
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09 January, 2009

ordering fruit trees, bushes, vines

I stopped in at our county extension office yesterday to get some information on what are the best things to grow here, in regards to fruit trees. I am really wanting to plant apple trees, a few types of berries, and other fruit trees.

We eat a lot of fresh fruit and cobblers.

So our extension office, well I really think that all of them in AL have a fruit, nut and tree sale every year. The prices seems to be pretty good, but the best part is that these plants are in the ground growing in northern AL. When it is time they will go scoop them out of the ground wrap the roots and send them to each office for pick-up.

Not trees in buckets or pots, so I would think that they would be healthier for that. Now I just need to figure out what I want, how much to get and where to plant them.

I would love to have 6 apple trees, 3 peaches, 2 pear, several blackberry, blueberries and some strawberries-but they may not do well up here. I am thinking that grapes would be interesting to try, because we eat A LOT of them. I would also like to get a nice tree to put in the front yard to help shade the house in the summer, but I don't know what I really want. I intend to keep looking.

07 January, 2009

Update of the past few days

Well we picked up Richard in Atlanta on Friday, then headed over to Birmingham to the Apple store so that they could fix his phone. Then we headed home. It was a very long day. We didn't make it to IKEA, but I will next time even if I have to go over a day earlier.

On Saturday we went over to Tupelo to go find him new sneakers for P.T. as one of his students took his other pair. We also got Caleb and Rachel new footed pajamas at The Children's Place-I do like the clothing in there, I had also bought Rachel new tights at the store in B'Ham the night before.

On Sunday we made sure that everything clothing, uniform related was washed and he packed up his duffel. Sunday night we ran into town to get swap some things in and out of the garage stall, and then we got some Chinese food. Came home and the children all went to bed and we watched Casino Royale-pretty good movie. Daniel Craig should make a great James Bond.
Monday we got up really early to head to Tupelo to the airport for his flight to Boston, but he missed it and they only had room on the 5pm flight. So we spent the day over there, not really doing much. But I didn't want to drive home to drive back over. He finally flew off at 5.36 and I don't remember what time it was when he got there, but I was in bed. Around 9.30 CST, told him that I loved him and I was going to bed.

Tuesday all of us except Rachel had our teeth cleaning appointment. Everyone got good reports except Aric and Matthew. Aric needed a baby tooth pulled and a filling. Matthew still needs sealant on some back teeth and now a filling. Unfortunately our Dentist has been trying to get the sealant done for 3 years now, Matthew has a small mouth and a highly sensitive gag reflex, but enjoys going to the Dentist. So appointments were made for Matthew to go to a different Dentist on 26 Jan, and Aric for Wed for the extraction.

Wednesday we went over for Aric to have his tooth pulled, no problems. We got breakfast on the way home and he will go back on Monday to get the filling done.

I have no intention of getting in the van until then either.

We have had our van for 7 years this coming Sept, and the drivers seat is dying a fast death. My tail bone is killing me with being in that chair so much over the past week. Almost every where we go is at least 30 minutes away or more. We are currently looking at finding a newer 15 passenger van, as ours is only an 8. We were given a bench to install that would make it a 12, but then we would have no storage space and I need my double stroller. And how would I get feed home? So for now we are making do with what we have and God willing, will be able to find something in the price range that we have set for our budget.

The boys and I are getting ready to move the kitchen table into town, it is my Mom's table that she bought in Germany before they come back from Dad's last tour over there. I am going to have to sand it, re stain it and then polyurethane it. Then I will get new fabric and padding and do all of the chairs and the benches and then give it back to her. We have been using it since we first moved up here in Nov '05.

I now have my table and we will probably need to get new benches made, because I think that our table is a little bit taller and I don't know if the current benches will work or not. We are going to turn our third bedroom into our dinning room for the time being as our kitchen is just too small and with where I need to keep the deep freezer and the fridge it makes it hard to walk through and get around the table. We are also looking at getting a smaller chest freezer to keep more milk, meat and bigger items in.

I am also going to have my Mom's handyman come out and give me an estimate on adding a master bathroom onto the house, we really need a second bath and this way when we go about fixing up the main bath we will still have facilities to use.

My idea is to redo the back room space to include a large shower(with double shower heads, the boys tend to double up anyway this would make it easier), double sinks, laundry area & family closet, and pantry storage. The bathtub will be in the master bath as I really would like to get a big tub, that I can soak in. And really after about the age of 2 they all take showers anyway.

Once that is done then I will make the master bedroom a little bit larger, by taking out the closet and pantry space. That will add at least 100 square feet to our room.

We are still looking at the best options for adding on or building new, right now I am thinking that we are both leaning towards just building new else where on our land. There is so much that needs to be done to this house that it will probably be cheaper in the long run to just start over. We would probably use this as our school house, and build a simple larger cabin up in the woods.
Something with three bedrooms, two baths, a great kitchen & pantry, and living room, maybe a sewing/craft room too. Then we would still have this house to use as our school house, but it would also have two guest rooms & living room. I would probably take out the kitchen as it would not really be needed.

01 January, 2009

Another New Year

It is 2009, a chance to begin anew.

Time to lean on the Lord a whole lot more. To seek His guidance, strength and wisdom.

My prayer for this year is pretty simple:

Keep Richard safe, walking in the way that He would have him.
To be a better help meet, parent, homemaker, teacher.
To seek Him in everything thing that I do. Talk it over with Richard before I do it.
That some how even with the distance that is always between us, due to his job, that we find away to pray together. That we pray about things together, to make sure that we know what the other is doing.
I would like, for Him to find a church for us to attend, without Richard, that is family friendly. Since there really isn't anything close that we would fit into, some like mindedness would be good.
I need to pray with Richard about going over about 2.5 hours for fellowship a few times a month.
To not loose my temper, and if I do that I seek His word for the answer and a chance to "cool off".
To not speak in a disappointed manner to Richard, bite my tongue as needed. Then talk it to Him when I have frustrations.
I know that, I can do all things through Christ, I just need to remember to seek Him out a lot more during my day.

To be happy and content with where I am. To not always be looking at the greener grass. Richard is not at this point ready to do anything, so I need to just do what I can here.
To continue lifting Richard up to Him. Everyday pray about him-his day, the truck, his student, the class he is going to, the other classes he's going to do, his deployment that is coming up.
That no matter we are in His hands and we will be fine.

A few goals that I have for this year are:
To purge the house of everything
To make a yearbook/scrap book
To make several quilts, to make all of Rachel's clothing and a good bit of mine.
To work towards once a month shopping.
To have a garden, that produces well
To plant at least 4 fruit trees, some berries
To add on or at least get some redesigning of the inside so that it works better.
To get a larger van
To get on a schedule and stick to it.

Happy New Year!!!