26 June, 2010

well time sure flies

Nothing to add on the schooling front, as of what we've done, other than to say we've been on vacation for a while, and will be on one for atleast another two weeks or so.

I am planning to start back with Math on 12 July and slowly add in all of our other subjects.

We are currently planning a week long visit to family in FL, go to the beach and a few education field trips. I am so excited myself to walk on the beach again that I can't stand it. When you live close to the beach you just don't go, but once you're away from it it's all you think about doing.

A preview of what our school you will look like is this:
T-will be working on Sonlight Core 6 Intro to World History in depth part 1,
A & N-will be working on Sonlight Core 3 Intro to American History part 1,
M & J-will be working on Sonlight K which at the moment what we study I'm drawing a blank on. Which is sad because I've gone through it several times.
C & R-will be doing Sonlight 3/4 and Before Five in a Row, which is a lot of good picture books and a lot of fun.

That is just a base over view of what we will be doing because there is also Science, English, Math, Typing, Piano, Artistic Pursuits, French and P.E. going on here too. I am also planning on doing at least two big field trips a month.

In my about me box I mentioned that we are looking to relocate over to Georgia and that is true. As much as I love it here as far as the openness, the space and the quiet-no trains, little traffic, no planes. There just isn't anything here for us as far as homeschooling. We don't have any close friends, because there aren't any children around us. I thought we had found a church but we haven't. We are far from everything and honestly I am tried of giving my money to Wal-mart only to go back the next trip and not find what I need, that they had the last time I was there. And that is just part of why we are moving.

I am going to try to update more often and a good bit while we are on our trip. Should be fun from my phone but I'll get into a routine.