29 September, 2009

Today's happenings

I am really trying to post more often. Monday I think I started a post but then had to stop to do this or that and it now sits in my drafts.

So today I got up, we all ate fresh peaches. Mowed the front yard, I still have the back, the back back, in front of the barn, the orchard, and then we have to rake it all and do it probably once more to make it nice until Spring. Yipppeee!!!

The boys had a soccer game tonight on the one field in our area that doesn't have lights so we had to be there for a 5:30 game, it takes a hour to get there from my house. We went they played really good the boys are getting more aggressive towards that ball. Noah took one in the face from a teammate. I am sitting on the other side of the field and I could see the red splotch on the side of his face. Coach got him to calm down and then once he went back into the game, Noah got kicked in the leg trying to get the ball from the other team. He was having a really rough time. Sadly they lost this game.
The ref that was there was talking to coach after the game and I am not sure but I think one of them was talking about possibly getting some type of Soccer league going if we can pull together enough children to play. Might be something we will be looking into.

Tomorrow we have a trip to Columbus Air Force base & the Library, a run to see Deanna in Tupelo to get some clothes from her that Emily has out grown and a new dress she just made for Rachel. Then we have church tomorrow night.

Thursday I have a very early Dr's apt, then we will probably spend some time with Robert & Julia(my little bro & sis) who are visiting from FL. Then Noah's Cub scout troop is marching in the Homecoming Parade at 5, then another Soccer game at 7. ok I am tired now just writing all that out.

Friday we have a new Co-Op from either 9am or 10am till 2. Then hopefully get to spend a little bit more time with Robert & Julia.

Saturday the older three boys have 4H Archery practice from 12-2, yippee I get sun burnt during that time. but they need the practice. We will do this only until it gets too cold to practice then pick it up again in probably Jan or Feb.

Next week shouldn't be so busy, I hope.

09 September, 2009

First night of Awana!

There is excitement abound as we are getting ready to head out for our first night of Awana. All 6 of the boys will participating so it should be a lot of fun helping everyone with their different verses each week.

I will post an update on how things went when I get back home.

I think I might have found a piano teacher.

Yesterday at soccer practice I mentioned that I was looking for a piano teacher and one of the Mom's said that her daughter-the only girl on the team-has been taking lessons from a wonderful lady in town for the last 8 years.
She just had knee replacement surgery, but this mom thought that she was accepting new students.
So I am praying that she is and that we can get the boys started. They all said that they would like to take lessons so we shall see.

01 September, 2009

Boys Scouts, Soccer, Art classes and 4H Archery

So we've added in private art classes, on Mondays Matthew & Jadon will go, then on Tues Thomas, Aric & Noah will go. There are a total 5 in the older boys class and 4 in the younger set. Today was the first class for the younger ones and they each drew an apple. I am impressed with how well they both did. But then Ms. Joyce had them doing shapes and Jadon caught on really quickly, but not Matthew and he was a little bit upset about it. So we will be working on that during the week so that when he goes back next week hopefully he will do better.
These classes are probably only going to be for this semester, then on an individual basis-as in the boys that would benefit the most right now.

The oldest two boys had their first Boy Scout meeting last week and found out that they will be going on their first camping trip this weekend. They are over the moon excited. I am too, but also nervous on how I will be able to get them in a timely manner on Sunday. But we will work it all out.

I am still waiting to hear when the Cub Scouts will be meeting and who their leaders are. So we will got over there tomorrow and see if they are meeting.

Soccer is going really well, they have practice tomorrow night and I believe the first game is Thursday. It was left off of the schedule that I was given so I was a bit surprised when Thomas mentioned it to me. But at least he told me on Friday and I won't be finding out tomorrow.

Our 4H Archery instructor called the other day and I finally got back to her today, and she is going to start practicing this Saturday. So Noah will be the only one to practice as the older two will be camping but that is a good thing as he will get a little more one on one with Coach Kim.
So it looks like we will be doing this till it gets too cold to practice then picking up again in Jan or Feb with the competition in March again.

I am still on the hunt for a piano teacher, praying that we are able to find one soon and close.