27 December, 2005

We have begun our country journey

We have been wanting to move to the country for about 3 years now, and we have finally begun that journey.
We dealt with the 18 month seperation while DH was in Iraq, then we had two months of him home, then two months of him living with his parents because they were much closer to his work, but now we are together as a family, Finally! He is still having to drive an hour or so to work each day. But we are together under one roof!
We are currently renting a place on 6 unuseable acres, but hopefully we will be getting a beef cow soon and putting her at my mom's place. Still reading all about chickens and how to get them started and trying to convince my dad to let us put the over there also, but we shall see.

We would have to build a new hen house as the one on their place is well it just needs to be knocked down.

We are still trying to find the perfect place to live, we can stay here untill the end of October as that is when our lease is up, but I am really hoping that we can find something sooner and get started. I really want to get a garden going, but can't plant anything that is winter hardy for next winter as we will not be here.

I would also like to find a dairy cow for when we do find that land, but they are some what hard to come by around here. I will continue to search and have dad keep looking for us. Of course the biggest thing will be is if he should find one is will we be prepared and have the money.

Trying to get a homestead account set up so that there is bill money for the normal things but also money that is going into savings for all of these animals and things that farm life will no doubt cost us.

I am Debi mama to 5 boys here, one special someone with Jesus, and a new baby boy due in April. Homeschooling and learning as we go.