29 December, 2006

We've got Chickens!!!!!!!

The boys and I were sitting outside enjoying this warm weather. And this green pickup slows and turns into our drive. I'm thinking well neat more neighbors to meet. So I walk over to say Hi and all and the lady(ARRRGGG I forgot her name) says Mama said that you wanted some chickens. UMMMM yah. I was talking to Sara, my neighbors daughter the other day giving her my condolenses.

Well we have three hens and a roo for you. Do you have somewhere to put them??????? UM Yes lets go make something. So out to the barn we all head, and the one crib I was going to use is now a sorta chicken coop.

The best part-the type of chickens that they are one is a Buff Orp, a RIR, and Dominics the roo and last hen. WOW OH WOW! Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing.

Now that is what I call Homesteading.