31 March, 2010

I suppose I'm not really good at this blogging thing

I haven't posted in a while been pretty busy doing not really sure what.

Richard was home for his R&R and we did this and that and it was time to send him back. He should be home sometime soon.

Thomas got his braces on, well the top ones, we should be going in and getting the bottom teeth on the 12th. Pray for our Orthodontist, he fell two weeks ago and is still suffering from a concusion.

We should be, as long as everything goes ok be getting a new to us vehicle this week or early next week. There is a probably with the Air and they are supposed to be fixing it.

I've been looking at other houses to buy and well we just honestly don't have the money to move and all that so instead my idea is to add on rought 525 sq ft on to the front of the house. This will make the two front bedrooms larger and enlarge the livingroom. In that I am seriously hoping to be able fit a bathroom to one of the rooms to make it a master suite and if possible make a jack and jill bath for the children. I'd love to make three rooms down the one side of the house with the bath, but I think I would just end up with really small rooms and not sure I'm wanting to do that. So tomorrow a guy is coming out to give me an price for the concrete footing, the older boys and I will do all the prep work. I did get the price and amount of concrete blocks and mortar mix I'll need for the foundation wall. Just need to double check the height for matching the house and the porch. Since we are going to be doing this ourselves and as the money is available it will be long project but worth it in the end. And hey at the end I should be a bit slimmer. LOL!!

Still looking for a second mower or a nice used riding one. I am also in the planning and works stage of moving lots of rooms around so that we have a better flow to the house. Lots of people in a tiny house on a full time basis is getting rough on me. I feel like there are days when I can't turn around without a little person right behind me. I know that these days are precious and will be gone much too soon, but can't I go to the bathroom for two seconds alone. I love my children!!!!

So I am hoping to get up a few pictures in the next few days and then keep a photo and written journal of what I am doing and how it's going.

Off to go sit outside for a bit to see if there are lighting bugs out yet. It's been so warm the past couple of days they just might be.