26 March, 2007

Our weekend

This weekend we took two piggies over to our friends in MS, fellow homesteadblogger's. She got her pigs all set up and then the children all played, wore themselves out played together. The adults just had a wonderful visit. We got home a little late and then Richard and Thomas got a few animals chores done. Me, I got Caleb into bed and went there myself.

On Sunday we worked in the garden some, also worked on getting the goats some shade. We have put the piggies in the barn and they seem to like it there, as it is very shady and cool. I put pictures up on the Piggy post.

We all enjoyed the weekend because it means time with Daddy, and that is special. DH has been here almost two month and the boys are so glad, so am I. But sometimes it is still very hard with him having to stay in the city during the week, and only being home on Sat & Sun. We have so much to do on the homestead, and so little time. But we are doing our best, and thankful to the Lord for the job that Richard has.


23 March, 2007

Today we get pigs

DH is on his way home with feeder pigs, that we will raise until late Fall or early winter and then put into our freezer.
This like all of the other animals that we have with the exception to the dogs and cats, we are doing for the first time.
This is so much fun. I love homesteading.
Now to get out there and play in that huge garden that I was blessed with.

Oh yeah I bought 4 cherry tomato plants and Noah wanted a sweet banana pepper plant-yes he eats them.


21 March, 2007

What we did today

The boys and I went to the Country Corner store (it's a little feed, hardware, supply store that is on the corner and well in the country) and got our 100lbs of dog food, and a new scoop.

Then we ran into town so that I could see my Dr to change my BP medication.

Then we stopped at my Mom's to say hi and tell her that I have lost 20lbs since my last check up in Dec. WHOOOOO!!! Doing the happy dance here.

Well my weight is still a little personal to blurt out there for the world but let's just say that after 6 full term pregnancies, and 1 early m/c I haven't weighed this since I had Aric my second. So I am sooooo happy. He will be 9 in Oct.
The nurse at the Dr's who also happens to be my SIL, was happy for me about my weight too.

Then we stopped at the hardware store to find out supplies to get to make some screens for our windows. We have an older home 1939, and for what ever reason there are storm windows on most of my windows but all of the screens are busted out. They have ready made screens that he said were a couple of bucks. The longer I can get a break from that a/c power bill the longer I will open my windows.
So I am either going to figure out how to just put a screen in the window that also holds the window open, or do like I saw over in the Amish community. They had two brackets on the top over the window and then the screen hung over the entire window, with a hock and eye lock inside the house. It was so totally cool. I mean I really would like to make something like that work. The young man at the hardware store was like man you can really learn a lot from the Amish. I was like ya I know. I am planning on turning our front yard into a soft fruit garden and a house garden, because of some of the things that I saw over there. Both of the Amish houses we stopped at the people were so very nice to us. The first house said that they had 19 children and that there grandchildren numbered 150 I think, maybe not that many but close. The best part of it I really don't think that they were that old. I really would love to go up to the area that my great grandmother was from, she was Amish-but was shunned because she married a Mennonite man. But they were happy and lived a long live together.

Then we came home and tackled the barn chores, some school work and played a little. Then it was back to a different town to get my new meds, and a cup of ice water from Sonic. I just love their ice, even found out that I can buy it by the bag. Yahoo!!! Then we came home did barn chores again, and the boys all played outside.
Once we came in they have played a game of Go Fish, and are painting Christmas picture frame ornaments. Me I am so ready to just go to bed. But I will stick it out for a few more hours, because these guys are anything but tired.


20 March, 2007

On blogs today

Today on my homestead blogger I was called a cave dweller, because I found offense at someone else's blog. (An annonomous poster commented on the fact that they knew Christians that swore and were still good people. Umm not in my circle of friends in real life or on line.) They were swearing using the * to block out certain letters but it was still there. But not only that they were I felt attacking me. I have tried to comment, even communicate with this person, but she deletes my comments and just ignores me. But states on her blog they I go about talking behind her back. How high school.
Anyway I am still saddened and confused by all that is going on over there. I want to leave, but not close my blog. I like it there because most people talk about homesteading, self sufficient living and things of that nature. There is also the common talk of God, homeschooling, and things of interest that each of us may find during our day.
I am sure that to some degree I will be able to find that where ever I blog. But it is frustrating that this person has stated one thing but for the last year has slowly done a 180 on what or whom she is and all that she stands for. Lies all of it was lies. I am still not sure that we are to the truth.
Not sure that it is worth it to try and find like minded people on line.
How do women met men on line and then run off with them, it just scares the socks off of me.
Oh well just me thinking out loud.
DH says that I should just turn the other cheek, I know that he is right-usually is. But I am of the flesh and well it hurts.
Off to find what the Lord has to say to me personally.


new blog

I have started this blog because for what ever reason, homestead blogger keeps getting hacked into and the other day it made my computer start acting really strange.

So here I am.

I am a wife and mother, a keeper of my home-need lots of help and prayer there, but I am learning everyday. Someday I hope to have a very spotless clean and organized home. But until then I am raising a houseful of boys.

The Lord has blessed us with 6 wonderful young men, they are Thomas 10 next month, Aric 8, Noah 7, Matthew 4, Jadon 3, Caleb 11 months. We also have a child waiting 4.4.05, early m/c.
We hope to be blessed with more children it is all up to the Lord.

We are striving for a simple lifestyle, living off of our homestead, we have currently 50 new chicks, 3 grown hens and a roo (who have been giving us 2 eggs a day since 22 Jan), 2 boer goats, a great Pyr to watch our goat, several yard dogs two of which adopted us the rest we selected. We also have 4 rabbit does and a buck I believe that all of our does are breed so we should have some little bunnies here soon.

We have been truly blessed in that a neighbor came over and turned some ground for us to make our garden in, it measures 165' x 65 at most 75' in one spot. He is supposed to come back and disc it this week. Then I am planning on put in our potatoes, broccoli, onions, garlic, English peas, Brussels sprouts, and a few other Spring crops. I am hoping that we will be able to put up a lot of our garden this year.

We are getting a few feeder pigs either this weekend or next, and my Dad is still on the look out for a milk cow. I also believe that DH said something about getting some more chickens, guineas, turkeys, ducks and geese. All the free range birds that will eat ticks and ants are welcome here.

We are hoping to add on to our little house this year, we are going to start with a mud room/laundry/extended pantry. These boys eat like we live in the grocery store.
I also hope to get a huge clothes line up in the next few weeks, with DH working so far away and only home on the weekend there just isn't time to get it all done in two short days, and I am limited in what I can do without him. Of course the boys help, but they are all still so young and limited in their abilities as well. I don't want them to damage their bodies now and have trouble for the rest of their lives.

My future plans are to set up a road side stand and sell our extra eggs should we ever have any, homemade bread, muffins, and baked goods, the rabbits, and any extra produce.

My in laws are relocating up here in the next few weeks, Mom works for Walmart and is transferring, and Dad is semi retired so he will help around as much as he can. They are going to try to find a place of their own but my put a travel trailer here for a while till they find something. I pray that if they do that they we will all get along well, we have been known to have our moments.

Well I think that is enough for now, need to go and make some cookies and muffins for snacks.