30 August, 2009

We've finally joined a Church!!!

We've gone to this Church for the past two weeks and I joined this morning. They still have to get a letter from my old Church back on FL.
I asked about the children and the two that have been baptized will have to go forward and join themselves, so that should happen tonight.

Choir practice is at 4:30 tonight and I would like to go and be a part, I am just not sure what to do with Matthew & Jadon, Caleb & Rachel will sit in the stroller for me and then the older boys can sit quietly. But my Matthew just seems to like that when we are in Church and it's not service time then that means RUN!!!. I've gotten onto him so many times, but he still just doesn't seem to understand. But we are working on it and he WILL UNDERSTAND that it is wrong to run in church.

Well I started this after church Sunday afternoon, must have gotten distracted and never hit post.

So I need to add that all of the children went into the nursery and played while I was at Choir Practice, then they sang in Children's Choir, then we had evening Sunday School class, then the evening service. At the alter call Thomas, Noah and I went up and they joined the church as well.

Now to continue praying for Aric to get Baptized and for the others to come forward when they are lead. I also took the 1-3rd grade Sunday School class, and plan on helping with a Awana girls class on Wed. They serve a meal before Awana on Wed nights so I am going to see if we can't help out there as well.

Shelia told me that they were up to something for me along the lines of a few watching the children while some of the ladies take me out to supper. Not sure when that will happen but it just blew me away at the thought that they would do this for me.

God is so good and I truly feel that we are home in a good family.

28 August, 2009

Do you ever just not have anything to say?

We are just taking it day by day right now. I feel like I have a lot to say but then once I begin to write it always looks like I am just babbling and not really making any sense.

We are not doing well in the school department right now. No one wants to listen to me, no one wants to do their work on a daily basis, nor in a timely manner. I am dealing with some character issues that are the heart of all the problems-discipline, school work, obedience, respectfulness, just the general I'm the mom and you are the child stuff. But it just all seems to be compounded this year with the lack of getting school work done.

I know that no matter what they don't graduate until I say they do and they have met my requirements but gee you'd think that they would all like to be done around 18 or 19. The other thing I think is that for our family getting a drivers license/learners permit isn't something that needs to happen right at 15 so that isn't even a driving(haha punn intended) force.

We did sign up for Scouts and started Soccer practices this week. We have our first game of the season on the 14th, which should prove to be a very busy day. I had already scheduled my Pedicure for that Monday at 3.30 and it takes about an hour. Then from there we will have to get something to eat as we will not be home. About the only good this is that the game is at 5.30 but over in Fayette, but with us already being in Winfield it won't take that long to get down there. But we will still have an hour drive home. We shall drive around the world by the time we get home that night.

Awana sign up is this coming Wed at Church and then we start that the following Wed night. I do think that all of the boys are excited about this.

I am praying that with the outside influence of Christian men & women from Church, and from Scouting and even the sports that this will give all of them the kick in the pants that I just can't seem to get.

21 August, 2009

I'm still here, just been quiet.

Just trying to put one foot in front of the other without stumbling.

We started a new church, ya I know I thought that I had found where we were to go and it is a wonderful little church. But they aren't going to be involved with the AWANA program and that was something that I was really looking forward to.
So we attended this new Church Sunday morning for S.S., church and then evening service. We also went back on Wed night. The Awana sign up is the 2nd with the first night being the 9th.

I have also signed up the three oldest to play Soccer, this will be the last year that Thomas can do anything locally unless state legislation changes in favor of Home Schoolers. They are also going to be participating in Boy Scouts.

So between Church, Awana, Soccer-for now, and Scouts we should have plenty of outside activities to do. But I am still on the lookout for a piano teacher, perhaps we'll find one by Spring.

The sports will change with the seasons, as we end Soccer, we'll go into Basketball, then 4H Archery, then possibly Baseball, then a short break till fall when Soccer starts again. I'd like to find a swim team but that looks to be something that is to far away and with daily practices, which would leave out doing anything else.

I just keep praying that the extracurricular (sports mainly) that the older boys need in order to meet the requirements for the different Military Academies that they are hoping to attended are able to be fulfilled.