07 July, 2008

Need help with my Bosch mixer

I bought a Bosch Universal Plus at the end of March. I have used it maybe half a dozen times.

The problem that I am having is that the bread dough wants to walk up the middle and gets all in the gear thing. I also bought the cookie paddles with this and they can't handle the cookies that I make the most.

So I am looking at replacing this mixer with a 10qt mixer that I found over on eBay. I just hope that once I get it that I like it. Because it costs a whole lot more. But I would think that something that big won't have any problems with what I am trying to make. The other option is getting the professional series Kitchen Aide, Deanna has one and she can make my cookies with no problem.

So what am I doing wrong with this mixer? I have also called the place that I bought it from and she said that she would call me back and she hasn't yet. But anyway, I am at my wits end with this thing. Oh and the other thing DH doesn't really care for the taste of the cookies.

I was using two K-Tec mixers at the same time or just one of them, washing it and using it again. Getting the Bosch was supposed to simplify my life but I am starting to think that it has made it more difficult, because I am not making bread like I was before.

Help me, someone please.