19 April, 2010

Updated the photos on here

I was sitting here looking at my blog thinking I needed to finish the post from Sat and begin todays, when I realized that the photos are really old.

So I went through everything I have and changed most up them. I really need a new one of myself, but I really love the one that is there. I also have a great one that my sister took when she was up from FL that I want to get on here, I'll try to put it somewhere on here later.

I'll try to see if I can get one of the boys to take a new picture of me tomorrow if it's nice out.

14 April, 2010

Today was a wash out

Thomas has his eye exam, I had my nails done-yes I know it's the only thing I do FOR ME. I dont even get to take a shower without little people coming into the bathroom to talk to me.

So anyway after the hour for his appointment, run him back to my Mom's eat some lunch, then to my appointment, get back to my Mom's. I bought a McDonald's Frappe for me because I had a headache-still do too. Talked to Mom and my Grandma for a bit, then loaded everyone up. Well that Frappe, was helping but I was full so I handed it to Thomas and said to pass it around. Well Noah went to give it to Matthew and he dropped it all over the floor in front of him in the van. Had to go find a carpet cleaner thing, so I could scrub it out. A milk based drink in the van in this weather would be nasty by tomorrow. Then we had to go through the car wash to get the yuck off the van, my poor van's paint is pealing all over it and I'm trying to keep it looking nice till next year when hopefully we can get a bigger van.

Ran to the post office in Hamilton only to find that because it's Wed, they closed at noon. Never mind my post office is still open till 4. I got there and mailed Mom's letter, and came the rest of the way home.

I've been working on the bills since, and not sure where it all goes so quickly. The boys have 4H Archery competetion on Sat in Anniston and they all really want to eat at Sonny's BBQ which is a place that we used to eat at in Florida probably three times a month. Not sure yet but I'm thinking about it. Rachel and Caleb both got their naps in on that ride home, which is always a good thing.

I just wish that I would stop getting these headaches.

Tomorrow is a new day, I am going to Tupelo tomorrow for free Starbucks coffee, some much needed supplies from Sam's and boxes from Uhaul. My plan of attack is to tackle one room until it's done. I'll probably start in this room, there are two bookcases, a couch, a closet full of who knows what at this point, the cedar chest, and a good bit of school stuff(which is really in every room) and the filling cabinet. I plan on making this my temporary bedroom. I still plan on redoing my bedroom, but really need it empty to do what needs to be done properly.

Plus somewhere in there they will get at least one math lesson done each and some reading. That is my plan for tomorrow. I'll let you know how it all works out.

09 April, 2010

Sitting here tonight working plans

and future plans and that dreded four year plan for the oldest. I know he's go a couple years yet before we actually get there but it's better to plan ahead than to hit that wall without a clue as to what's going to happen.
I know what we are going to do for most of it all, it's just the getting him to do it. It seems like for me that we get going on school work and things are going great and then something happens and we stop the daily routine and then it's weeks before we get back to it. This has got to stop. We are not going to be getting ahead in life if we can't do a normal month of school without falling off the wagon.
So starting tomorrow we are going to make sure and post at least one photo of what we did in our school day.
We are going to be working though Sonlight Cores 3/4, K, 3 and 5 with LA for K, 3 & 5, Science for all of them plus atleast 4 different maths-I think, might only be three.
Then the biggest thing I have is how to work this, littles first on up or get them going on different things so that I can spend time with the littlest two and keep them close at hand? You would think that with 7 children and homeschooling since the beginning I'd have this all figured out by now but I don't. I'm still working on it, I'll get it hopefully before Thomas graduates.

Off to bed for now, with a new post and a photo of tomorrows, well todays activities.