07 February, 2010

Haven't posed in a very long time

Have had some illness going on and with a large family it takes a while to get rid of things.

Noah got his hand broken when his brother Matthew jumped on him, we'll see about getting the cast off on Tues.

Thomas goes for a consult with the Orthodontist on Wed, we tried to do this same appointment two weeks ago. We live over an hour away we left early got into the town where the Dr is and I get a phone call saying that the Dr wasn't going to be in today as he'd been sick for the past three days, what I say but I'm already here in town! Well she said he just called as he doesn't start seeing patient until 9:30, uggg I was so upset, but hopefully it will be worth it this week, as Thomas will more than likely be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the Dr as I've got a really strong feeling that I've got many more that will be needing braces.

We have been trying to stay warm this year and boy it's hard, it has been so cold here and wet. I almost wish that we at least had some snow to show for it, but we don't barely got any when they did say that we were going to get some.

I've been in prayer over some concerns that I've had for a while now and I feel that I am starting to hear or see answers from him.