17 October, 2010

Going to try to write again

I find that when I get on here I tend to babble. I tend to keep my journal the same way. I may start with one topic like school and then the next thing I know I am talking about building a house or what the best recipe for pumpkin scones are. So I really want to try and stay focused on my topic, which means I suppose that I could end up blogging 10 times a day. Or maybe I just write drafts of what I really am talking about and then I just cut and paste what I'm saying.

School we are behind, really behind. There is a lot of attitude, laziness, and just "I don't want to do that so I'm not" going on here. And I'll be honest they out number me and I give in to them instead of fighting. When I know this is the fight I need to be willing to fall onto my sword for.

Organization-well it's a slow process here. I think I want to do this, but then that seems like a better idea. Take clothing for instance I have 6 boys=lots of clothing. LOTS of clothing. So much so that I really shouldn't need to buy any thing for anyone except maybe for under things. Well I do need to add to this mountain of stuff for Thomas as he is the oldest and all, but the others shouldn't ever need anything. But then again there is a problem I have a healthy solidly built boy(I do not consider him to be husky), then I have a reed thin, very slim boy, another healthy normal body style, back to that thin very slim, then another normal, and the last normal within age/size ranges. How do I keep clothing for these guys? I buy for Thomas-the oldest, Aric the first slim, Matthew second slim and yet Aric's hand me downs are usually too big. It's a mess. So right now I am at a loss as to save? pass on to others outside of our family, or just buy when they each need stuff. And then of course there is Rachel, being the only girl we have to shop for her as she has nothing and with my sister in Germany it isn't that easy to for her to pass down. I am going to send her a huge box of stuff for her son though.

This is really dumb, no one wants to know about my life or what I am about. BLAH BLAH BLAH. wall flowers are meant to be ignored.

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Deanna said...

And the best recipe for pumpkin scones is.....????

Sheesh, what a tease :p

And wallflower....it's not we aren't interested, you just don't tell us anything :( You gotta blog more so we can chat back and forth. Ramble if that's what you're thinking and where the day's thoughts are going. That's life...and that's what the blog should be about.

Clothing: why not go Duggar's in a way...select your 5 shirt colors, 2 everyday pants 1 for town/church, and a pair of PJs. Underthings for everyday, of course. That gives you a lot of shirts, but they tend to wear well and sizing passes down better than solid built and slim. The pants are cut back to just 12 pair, and somewhere along the line another will fit into them or you donate and move on. Kids don't need a lot of clothes,and you've said they tend to wear one or two favorites anyway, so no need for a mountain of clothes. Pick what you're keeping, bag the best for sis and ditch the rest to Goodwill. Pick a day and plan the Goodwill stop, no excuses.

School is just one of those things like you said, you gotta be willing to fall on the sword of discontent. Bottom line, they're children...I understand the whole 'they should enjoy life, be children, have fun side of parenting and schooling' but they are the children and you are taking on the role as teacher. Fall on the sword and take charge :) They *have* to learn basic fundamental skills, and sadly, they don't have to like it, they just have to do it. God gave you that authority and that calling, so stand on His Promises and 'falling on the sword' won't be a big deal at all.

Now sister...back to those pumpkin scones....